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난 사랑 받고 싶어.
I want to be loved.
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Do Min Joon: Do you want to know the method of not being hurt by people? Don’t give or take anything. Don’t expect anything either. Then, you won’t be disappointed or hurt. Cheong Song Yi: Where is the fun in living then? You’ve never had a guest at gome, right? Just by looking at you, you don’t seem to have friends either. Do you have a family? Living like an island, like this… aren’t you lonely? Do Min Joon: There are over 10 reporters who are waiting for in front of my door. Out of all the people who live down here, more than half of them would know you well… Your manager, your coordinator, fans. There are always a lot of people around you, but you are here alone. Cheong Song Yi: Why am I alone? We are here together.
You Who Came From The Stars

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我想念你的一切。 I miss everything about you. (via emotivita) 151 notes
Courage requires only one moment, whereas regret will last a lifetime.
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